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Where Athletes Train


Athlete - ‘a person trained or gifted in exercises or contests involving physical agility, stamina, or strength; a participant in a sport, exercise, or game requiring physical skill’

Running Efficiency &
Injury Prevention


Correct running form does not just happen. Running is a skill to be learned. As a crucial component of all athletics we focus on creating efficiency of movement through bio-mechanical evaluations and movement assessments.

Scholastic Athletes

Level Up! Academic success & personal growth for the student-athlete.

Balanced Body

Teach the mind to control movement through stability and efficiency

Running Efficiency

Running is a learned skill just like other movements. Learn to improve efficiency.

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Adult Program

Thank you to Chaz and his professional coaches. You have taught me the importance of cross training; focusing on abs, glutes, and those little supporting muscles which have improved my range of motion. I appreciated learning about the science behind why we were performing those exercises. You created a supportive and fun environment within your well-equipped facility. You have prepared me to complete my athletic goals as well as increased my energy levels to accomplish daily activity. I am grateful.


Scholastic Program

I’m writing to thank you for the outstanding work you both have done with Noah these past few months. He not only looks forward to his weekly sessions, but he talks about how fun it was after each one. We started to notice some slight coordination & running challenges during competitive soccer play after a recent growth spurt and thought it would be a great idea to get him involved in agility and speed training. After one trial session, we knew it was a great fit and he was in good hands. His training has been just the right amount of pace, skill, and endurance level for his age. He just completed his U-11 season of premier soccer and his growth was exponential since he began his training. We really like the way Mike interacts and challenges the Noah and we look forward to continuing his training this summer and next season.

Mike Brown