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Run U

Run U

Run U


For the Scholastic Competitor Ages 11-18


Most people don’t realize that running is a learned skill just like other movements. With this in mind we provide a program that will help you become the best running version of yourself. Whether running is your primary sport or a component of another sport, mastering proper form leads to improved efficiency and improved overall performance.

The combined expertise of our coaches offers what few other running programs can provide. Your custom training plan is based off of your chosen discipline.   Movement Analysis will focus on improving your mechanics, developing speed, increasing endurance and proper recovery, all of which are key factors to your running success.

All new Run U members will undergo a Cardio Metabolic Analysis during their first month. This will allow us to measure their oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2) and ventilation (VE) during resting and exercise conditions. The combination of these metrics provides unique insights into our body’s physiology, including the amount of energy it expends, the type of fuel it utilizes (e.g. fats or carbohydrates) and the level of muscle fatigue.

We will review and discuss this information as well as your bio-mechanical strengths and deficiencies. From there we will create a customized plan of action including exercises and drills to address areas of concern and help improve your performance. Your plan will examine and educate you on:

  • Physical exercise intensity
  • Fuel utilization and caloric expenditure
  • Fitness level and progress
  • Running form
  • Speed work
  • Cadence and stride length
  • Corrective training- proper mobility, stability and activation
  • Strength training- core, hips, legs
  • Power/plyometric training


Practices will be Tuesday and Thursday 5:45-7 pm and every other Saturday from 8:30-10 am

 Run U is $199 per month except for the first month which includes the Cardio Metabolic test and is $275

During this class we’ll teach you how to improve

Mobility and Flexibility
Stabalization and Strength
Biomechanical Efficiency